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‘It helps to get practical yet sympathetic employment law advice when a work situation is stressing you out’

Your work is likely to be a large and important part of your life. When a difficult work situation puts your wellbeing and finances at risk, a specialist employment lawyer can help. At Royds Withy King, we can provide employment law advice which will help you to avoid costly mistakes and protect your interests. From employment tribunals to discrimination at work, you can trust us to help you resolve your situation quickly.

Employment law advice with your interests at heart

Our employment lawyers are adept at dealing with difficult situations. We have a wealth of experience representing both employers and employees and are skilled at finding creative yet practical solutions to tricky employment law problems. As an employee, you may need expert and prompt employment law advice in these situations:

  • If your employer is offering you a settlement agreement, we will act fast and go through the agreement terms line by line to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible
  • You might be a victim of discrimination at work. Discrimination cases can be highly complex and sensitive. A Royds Withy King employment lawyer will provide you with advice which is pragmatic yet sympathetic
  • You will benefit from specialist employment law advice in a redundancy situation. Being made redundant can be stressful and upsetting, and we’ll be there to make sure you are being treated fairly
  • Facing a disciplinary meeting can be distressing. An experienced employment lawyer can help you prepare for a hearing, analyse your case and advise you on potential claims against your employer if necessary
  • When you submit a grievance at work, your employer should invite you to a grievance hearing. Employment law advice can help you prepare for the initial meeting, analyse your employer’s response and help with a subsequent claim if necessary
  • Taking your employer to an Employment Tribunal is usually the last resort when other ways of dealing with a problem at work have failed. As employment tribunal solicitors, we can help you prepare your case and take you through all the stages of the process, from assessing your case to representing your interests at the hearing.

Employment solicitors tailoring their service to you

Our employment law advice is direct, pragmatic and sympathetic. We aim to help you resolve a difficult situation quickly and with minimum fuss, at costs that are transparent and explained to you at the outset.

Contact us to find out how an experienced Royds Withy King employment lawyer can help you resolve your issues at work.

A first rate service which I’d recommend with pleasure. Much appreciated.

David Dunsmore

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