Controlling the costs

‘No one enters into litigation without careful consideration of what is at stake’

Dispute resolution takes time and money. Whatever the disagreement you’re facing you will want to know how much it is going to cost to resolve it and move on. Wherever possible, we try to come up with fee options which keep your cost to a minimum.

We’ll help you choose the funding arrangement that fits

  • Conditional fee agreements – ‘no win, no fee’
    You may be able to fund your case through a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). If you win the case, we get paid by your opponent but there will be certain items which you will have to pay for from the damages or award you recover in the claim, including our success fee. Very importantly however, if you do lose the case, you will not be charged anything by us or your opponent.
  • Discounted CFAs
    If your case is not suitable for a CFA we may be able to offer you a discounted CFA. This way, we agree to charge discounted fees as the case progresses and then the balance becomes payable when you win. If you win the case, you agree to pay the balance of our normal fees and a success fee, which is usually recoverable from your opponent.
  • Fixed price
    No one wants, or expects to be involved in litigation and it is understandably an unwelcome disruption and cost. We appreciate that individuals and business owners want to be certain of what their costs are likely to be, so we do everything possible to ensure that your costs are agreed and fixed with you before you decide to go ahead.

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A first class professional service with some excellent advice using a common sense and practical approach. Well done.
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