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    When an individual suffers a life-changing injury as a consequence of negligence, and receives a large compensation award, they need an expert team to administer the funds to meet their complex needs. Our Compensation Protection Team has over 50 years experience between them of managing and safeguarding clients compensation.

    Safeguarding the compensation

    It is vital to safeguard the compensation awarded to clients (who typically cannot work and are dependent on support for every aspect of their daily living) to fund their often challenging needs until their death.

    We protect the compensation from the demands of unscrupulous individuals/companies and appoint specialist independent financial advisors. We will also ensure that other income streams in the form of means tested benefits and statutory funding are accessible.

    If the individual has capacity to manage their financial affairs they can establish a personal injury (PI) trust with the appointment of a professional trustee and lay trustees.

    If the individual does not have capacity, then they come within the jurisdiction of the Court of Protection and require the appointment of a professional deputy.

    Find out more about compensation protection and PI Trusts here >>

    Building a Team Around the Client

    We create a Team Around the Client in partnership with the family and professionals, including therapists, case manager and an Independent Financial Advisor. This multi-disciplinary team is focused on optimising the compensation so that it supports the client’s quality of life for his or her lifetime and empowers them to lead as independent a life as possible.

    Our specialists

    We represent clients all over England and Wales. Over and above our specialist knowledge of deputyships and Personal Injury trusts, we also have expertise in personal injury litigation and comprehensive experience of constructing schedules of special damage and future loss. This helps inform decision-making when it comes to spending the funds, budgeting and forecasting for future needs.

    We work closely with litigators, both within the firm and externally, during the life of claims to manage interim payments and provide expert reports for the court on the lifetime costs of deputyships.

    Withy King Trustees Limited- Trust Corporation

    We established a trust corporation 9 years ago named Withy King Trustees limited (WKTL). The mechanics of the trust corporation are such that, whilst WKTL is appointed the professional deputy or trustee, a named director will be the custodian and has the personal relationship with the client and family.

    A particular advantage of WKTL is that if a director is on holiday or unwell, another director is immediately available to execute decisions for the client, ensuring speed of response so as to prevent any unnecessary delays.

    Lifelong legal companion

    Our aim as a trusted advisor is to become a lifelong legal companion to the client and their family. Indeed some of our longest running Personal Injury trusts were established over two decades ago.

    You can read a little more about Marsha or about Megan to understand how we are passionate about building a team around the client.

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