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Royds Withy King acts for a number of companies who install and manage voice, data and mobile telecommunications systems. Often, these are private businesses which started modestly but quickly grew. Fast growth – whilst always welcome – presents business owners with a variety of issues – including legal ones.

The fast changing nature of the telecommunications industry – particularly the mobile communications market – means that business owners are constantly adapting to new demands. Experienced Royds Withy King lawyers are on hand to ensure that senior management teams are able to focus on growing their business rather than worrying about legal, regulatory and compliance matters.

The services we provide that are particularly valuable to technology and telecommunications companies are:

Contract support

When telecommunication companies provide systems to high security organisations in the financial sector they are often faced with huge contracts containing many warranties, guarantees and service level provisions. Royds Withy King has senior, experienced commercial lawyers who are familiar with the most common types of contracts, the latest developments in new requirements and case law and can steer clients quickly and safely through the negotiation stages.

Employment law

Technology and telecoms companies typically have a diverse workforce with field sales staff, field technicians, highly trained development staff, data warehouse technical staff, sometimes large teams of consultants as well as directors with sometimes complex financial and bonus reward systems. Our leading employment lawyers are available to answer any questions and ensure that the correct procedures are followed and the most commercial arrangements are achieved in employment negotiations and disputes.

Agency and distribution

Frequently, there will be contracts dictating what equipment may be supplied to different types of end user customers and in which regions. Ensuring that the best terms are obtained can be crucial to business success – particularly if working with international suppliers. Our associates in the Interleges network can provide valuable advice and help wherever you are doing business in the world.


In addition to offices for the development, sales, accounts and other head office staff technology and telecoms companies are is likely to have numerous other sites for stores and data centres. Understanding the ways in which landlords operate, knowing how best to agree changes to the leases or rental arrangements can have a positive impact on sometimes quite tight margins.

Acquiring companies

There is a lot of consolidation in the technology and telecoms market and companies are often buying or acquiring their competitors or those at different stages of the supply chain. The corporate team at Royds Withy King are experienced in putting together the deals with the minimum of fuss and guiding management teams through the negotiations. The same help is available to companies who are merging.


With the best will in the world, it is unlikely that you will be able to avoid all disputes but our commercially minded dispute resolution experts will understand the importance of preserving valuable client and supplier relationships and will use a variety of alternative dispute resolution techniques and only resort to litigation when absolutely necessary.

Looking after the directors

Often the founders of these companies will accrue significant wealth over a relatively short period of time. Solid advice on how best to structure your tax affairs and manage your estate can take a huge weight off your mind. Our private client team are on hand to advise.

In-house lawyer service

Whilst some of our telecoms clients are quite large they rarely have the luxury of an in-house lawyer who can handle the myriad of day to day legal questions on everything from employment law to contract law and international trade. Royds Withy King has a special arrangement where, for a fixed quarterly fee, our technology and telecoms clients are free to contact their main relationship lawyer or any one of the many experts at Royds Withy King so that they obtain a fast and reassuring response on any legal question.

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