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‘In media and entertainment, work is often created by a team. So it’s vital you have absolute clarity about the rights and who owns what’

If you work in media or the entertainment industry, your final product will often involve large numbers of people. To understand who owns which rights, and how they can be used, you need the support and expertise of media lawyers.

Knowledge and understanding of media law and creative industries

In a perfect world, everyone involved in the final product would agree as to who owns what. However, in real life this can be a grey area. We can help you make sure your rights and products are never compromised or exploited.

  • Specialist advice from media lawyers
    Ownership of rights is key to your business success and paramount in a creative industry. You want to be sure you own the rights, and that everyone understands how they can be used. Depending on your sector, confidentiality agreements, royalty, licensing, recording or publishing agreements may be crucial. If you’re in the digital arena, you may need help on website design agreements, social networking terms or acceptable use policies. Whatever the situation your business is in, you need a partner who can recognise the issues you face and act accordingly.
  • Freeing you up to carry on with the business
    You want to spend time focusing on the creative process, not dealing with a lengthy and costly dispute. As media lawyers, our experts understand your business and can take care of the legal side of things so you can carry on working.
  • The expertise to understand your situation
    Whether you are a publisher, artist, digital media business, producer or recording artist, we have a wide range of experience in the media sector and will understand the issues you face. Our expertise in media law means we help you with anything from harnessing your creative output to stopping someone using your rights.

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