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‘Technology is essential to your business. To protect your assets, and to stay ahead, you need information technology lawyers who understand the issues you face’

In the digital world, technology is vital to every business. As everything gets faster, better and smoother, you need a partner who can keep abreast of the latest technology and the laws involved.

Specialist information technology lawyers

We have been working with technology-rich businesses for over two decades, including software developers, e-commerce businesses, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing companies and engineers. You can count on us to provide solid business advice that takes into account how technology is developed, shared, used and licensed, and how the law has evolved to reflect it.

  • Support for technology developers
    If you are a technology developer, you want to be sure that what you create is legally yours. All too often third parties can make claims to intellectual property or products. We can help you make sure your ownership of your technology is established and protected.
  • Help with licences and distribution
    As specialist information technology lawyers, we can help you with your software licences, and distribution, outsourcing agreements, product development, website design and terms of use. We have the expertise and experience to help you maintain your competitive advantage.
  • Expertise in patent and know-how issues
    As experts in patent licensing, we can help with deal with issues around patents, know-how and R&D and your collaborative arrangements. We’ll help you to make sure that your patent licensing arrangements both protect your rights and bring steady profit. And when something like patent infringement or breach of confidentiality threatens your business, we’ll act quickly and effectively to help safeguard your interests.

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I’ve worked extensively with the team on some key, high value contracts for us. Excellent professional legal advice has been essential for us in dealing with enterprise organisations. We made some significant wins along the way with the team's excellent support, which helped focus the legal debate and form a solid platform for negotiation. We have built a strong working relationship, based on excellent legal support both in planned engagements and also those inevitable ad hoc legal questions that crop up during the lifetime of contracts. I’ve always found Royds Withy King very responsive and helpful when called upon at short notice.
Alan Baldwin, Managing Director, Applicable Ltd

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