Data protection compliance

‘Information is crucial to the modern business environment. As data protection lawyers, we can help you protect what is collected through your clients and contacts’

Your clients and contacts are the lifeline of your business. Like most businesses, you will probably handle personal information on a regular basis, even if it’s just names and addresses. You are legally obliged to safeguard and deal with that information in a particular way, which is where our data protection lawyers can help.

A highly regulated environment

If you use someone’s personal details without their agreement, you may face action from the Information Commissioner’s Office, as well as damaging publicity and hefty fines. We can help you avoid the risks and ensure your data protection compliance at all times.

  • Advice on staying compliant
    You may be finding that keeping on top of data protection requirements isn’t always straightforward. As expert data protection lawyers, we can help you understand the latest legislation, and how it affects your business.
  • Practical support to protect your business
    You can call on us to carry out a data protection audit of your business, or draft a privacy policy. We can also help with anything from your email marketing campaigns through to disputes resulting from breaches of data protection law.
  • Protecting your own personal information
    If your own name, address or a photo has been used without your consent, we can help you protect your own rights too. It could be anything from a breach of data protection to a breach of copyright. We can help make sure appropriate action is taken to resolve everything for you.

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I’ve worked extensively with the team on some key, high value contracts for us. Excellent professional legal advice has been essential for us in dealing with enterprise organisations. We made some significant wins along the way with the team's excellent support, which helped focus the legal debate and form a solid platform for negotiation. We have built a strong working relationship, based on excellent legal support both in planned engagements and also those inevitable ad hoc legal questions that crop up during the lifetime of contracts. I’ve always found Royds Withy King very responsive and helpful when called upon at short notice.
Alan Baldwin, Managing Director, Applicable Ltd

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