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‘The move to digital has utterly transformed your working environment. You want to be sure you work with technology lawyers and intellectual property lawyers who are fully conversant in the industry’

As intellectual property lawyers, we can help you protect your business and secure opportunities for future growth. Alternatively, you may need help in resolving a dispute with a third party. As we are fully engaged in the technology and creative industries, we know how to deliver the results you need.

A wide range of expertise across the technology and media industries

Whether you’re working in software, technology, publishing, advertising, the music industry, the charity sector or have an IP rich business, our expertise makes us the ideal choice to protect what matters and add real value.

  • Branding and trade marks
    You trade on your good name, and your brand, as well as your reputation, is an asset that we can help you protect. If someone starts exploiting your branding or using it without your permission, we can seek redress quickly and effectively. Find out more.
  • Data protection
    Information and data are vital for your business. But one false move and you could find your business facing legal disputes and bad publicity. We can help you ensure that you are adhering to the very latest data protection legislation. Find out more.
  • Intellectual property
    Your ideas and your products give you the cutting edge. If they are misused or appropriated by a third party, it can be extremely costly to your business. As intellectual property lawyers, we can put protection and contracts in place to help you safeguard what matters. Find out more.
  • Technology & IT
    From licensing software to taking action if a patent has been infringed, as technology lawyers, we can help you harness any opportunities available and protect your business. Find out more.
  • Media and entertainment
    You work in a sector where many people are involved in creating the finished product. You want to be sure everyone understands who owns what, and how the rights are shared. We’re here to help. Find out more.
  • Protecting your reputation
    Running a successful business depends on having a good reputation. When that is threatened, you can be sure that we will take the necessary steps to protect your good name and your business. Find out more.

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‘[The team has an] "outstanding reputation for contentious and non-contentious IP matters. Excellent ties to the media, technology and creative sectors. Recognised expertise in branding matters." [Clients say that] "they give a gold star service and are very easy to work with."
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