Squatters’ rights are more than just a myth

‘When someone lays a claim on your property, they may have the law on their side if they have occupied it for long enough.’

If someone claimed your land as theirs, you’d want to evict them immediately. What you may not realise is that if a ‘squatter’ takes control of your land for long enough, usually 10 years or more, they can claim squatters’ rights and apply to become the owner. In these circumstances, what options do you have?

The rights and wrongs of squatters’ rights

Not every squatter who applies for ownership succeeds. Things are not as clear cut as that. Our property dispute team has considerable experience and success in dealing with these ownership claims.

Whether you’re defending your own land or trying to make a successful claim through squatters’ rights we’ll give you a straightforward assessment of your chances, as well as proven tactical advice to get the best outcome possible.

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Hannah Ongaro was excellent. Responsive and understanding. Her correspondence, though often lengthy due to the complicated issues involved, was incisive and persuasive.
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