Shackled by restrictive covenants?

‘Being restricted from doing something on or to your own property can be infuriating’

Restrictive covenants on your land can be a real nuisance. Not only do they limit what you can do, but will affect future value. A covenant can also mean your neighbours have a say in whether a development or alteration goes ahead – even demanding a compensation payment before you proceed.

What is a restrictive covenant?

Restrictive covenanst are provisions in deeds that limit the use of a property or prohibit certain uses. A restrictive covenenant may equally apply to your neighbours’ use of their property as well as yours. They may be using their land in a way that affects you. In which case you’ll want to know if there is anything you can do to stop it.

Whether the covenant applies to you or your neighbour, early assessment and prompt action are needed. We’ll check whether the covenant is binding and what your and your neighbour’s rights are. We’ll make your options clear and inform you of the expected results.

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The defective leases at our property caused major problems after the banking crisis of 2008. Thanks to Royds Withy King and their efficient, friendly service our flats are now acceptable to mortgage lenders.
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