Regaining your property by evicting squatters

‘It can be difficult to remove squatters in commercial properties because they have not committed a criminal offence unless they cause damage’

You might be surprised to find that squatting in commercial properties is not a criminal offence unless they actually cause criminal damage. That doesn’t make it any more acceptable to have squatters on your property. It’s frustrating, time consuming and affects the value of your investment. Often, evicting squatters is your only option.

Evicting a squatter needs patience and experience

While they have no right to be in your property, getting a court order for evicting a squatter can be frustratingly slow. Naturally you’ll be keen to get them out as quickly as possible and protect your property during the process.

Despite rarely having any legal defence to court action, squatters often adopt delaying tactics so they can spend more time in your property. Our team of solicitors has experience in evicting squatters and will act to help you get your property back as quickly and as safely as possible so you can protect your investment.

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Our matter was dealt with by Jacqui Walton and we could not have had a more helpful person who gave us a good final outcome to the issue. We really appreciated her help.
Royds Withy King client

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