Practical and straightforward property dispute resolution

Providing pragmatic solutions to protect your commercial property

We have experience in dealing with a wide range of property disputes, including:

  • Rights over land
    Property rights can include access, water, light and drainage – all are crucial to the enjoyment of your land and its value. Your rights are a valuable asset that you’ll want to protect.
  • Boundary disputes
    Defining boundaries legally and on the ground can be difficult and time-consuming for a landowner. If you’re not careful, your land can be eaten away at the edges.
  • Covenants
    Restrictive covenants may stop you doing what you want with your land. On the other hand, they may give you a say in what others do with theirs.
  • Squatters’ rights
    If a ‘squatter’ takes control of your land for long enough, usually 10 years or more, they can apply to become the owner.
  • Evicting squatters
    Although squatting can be a criminal offence, removing squatters from your property can be frustrating and time-consuming to say the least.
  • Joint ownership issues
    If you fall out with your fellow joint owner(s), it can be stressful trying to agree what should happen to the property. Knowing everyone’s options and rights early on can make things much easier.
  • Professional negligence
    If you’ve received the wrong advice, or your professional adviser has not taken action when they should have, you may have lost out. So what can you do about it?

Whatever your situation you can rely on our property dispute lawyers to give clear, decisive and pragmatic advice from start to finish.

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The defective leases at our property caused major problems after the banking crisis of 2008. Thanks to Royds Withy King and their efficient, friendly service our flats are now acceptable to mortgage lenders.
Mike Pavasovic

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