Tenant rent arrears and the need for speed

‘When a tenant gets into arrears it’s not always straightforward to get the money that you are owed’

If you have a problem with tenant rent arrears, it’s more than an inconvenience. It can mean a large drop in your income. If that’s the case, you’ll want to do all you can to get them to start paying again quickly. You may even consider eviction. Whatever you decide, you’ll want expert advice fast.

A tenant not paying rent needs careful handling

It’s not often that a tenant has a valid reason for non-payment. That may sound like it should be easy to get your money, but in reality it is often far more complicated. A tenant not paying rent may simply have no money available. In which case your chances of payment may disappear.

Whatever the scenario, your first priority should be to find out what options are open to you. Our specialist team can offer expert advice about tenant rent arrears.

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Our matter was dealt with by Jacqui Walton and we could not have had a more helpful person who gave us a good final outcome to the issue. We really appreciated her help.
Royds Withy King client

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