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‘It’s easy for landlords to get on the wrong side of legislation designed to protect tenants with long leases’

Tenants with long leases have a great deal of legal protection – and rightly so. Carrying out repairs, appointing a managing agent or recovering routine upkeep costs can become problems if procedures aren’t followed to the letter. Our experienced property disputes team can help you avoid those legal pitfalls.

The expertise to steer you through the legal minefield

The best way to avoid legal challenges is through careful planning and early action. We can help your management company stay on the right side of the law.

Sometimes a legal challenge is your only choice. In that case you’ll want the reassurance of dealing with a property disputes team that have plenty of experience in this area.

Download our factsheet on landlord and tenant debt recovery service.

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Hannah Ongaro was excellent. Responsive and understanding. Her correspondence, though often lengthy due to the complicated issues involved, was incisive and persuasive.
Royds Withy King Client

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