Expert and efficient legal advice for residential landlords

Don’t let a dispute with a tenant threaten your rental income

As a residential landlord your property is your livelihood – a vital asset and one you want to protect. A dispute with a tenant is not only disruptive but it may threaten your future income. Understanding your options and taking early action can mean the difference between success and failure.

We offer legal advice for residential landlords in a number of areas:

  • Getting paid – short term tenancies
    If your tenant stops paying you rent then you’re left without an income. We can help you decide on your best option fast.
  • Evicting a tenant
    If you’ve fallen out with your tenants it’s essential that you know your rights and those of your tenants to avoid costly delays.
  • Management companies
    There are many legal pitfalls that can make managing your property a real headache. We can provide the advice you need.
  • Long leases
    For landlords, the shorter the lease the better. But your tenants may well have different ideas. They could force you to extend the lease, or even to sell them the freehold.
  • Voluntary sale of freehold
    Where residential long leases are involved you have to be careful when selling the freehold or head lease. We can help you find out where you stand.

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Our matter was dealt with by Jacqui Walton and we could not have had a more helpful person who gave us a good final outcome to the issue. We really appreciated her help.
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