Sometimes, evicting a commercial tenant is unavoidable

‘Eviction is a tough decision to make. Before you do so you’ll need to look through all available options’

No landlord wants to do it, but sometimes evicting a commercial tenant is the only choice. After all, your livelihood is at risk if your tenant has rent arrears or is failing to keep to their lease obligations, or you may just want your property back. We can take you through the options, providing sound advice to protect your income and property promptly.

Advice on how to evict a commercial tenant

Your best option may be to simply end the lease. This is called ‘forfeiture’ and means that your tenant won’t be able to get into the property. It’s usually done at short notice so it’s important to get it right first time.

Forfeiture will either get your tenant back on track or free up the property for you to re-let. Either way it sorts out the problem of how to evict a commercial tenant. Once they have gone we can also help you sort out a lease for your new tenant.

If the lease has a breach option we can help you operate it.

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Our matter was dealt with by Jacqui Walton and we could not have had a more helpful person who gave us a good final outcome to the issue. We really appreciated her help.
Royds Withy King client

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