Commercial lease renewal on the best possible terms

‘Securing terms that enable and protect your business is of paramount importance’

As a business owner, finding the right premises is vital. So too is securing terms on those premises that protect your business. You may well be tempted to keep things simple and renew on the same terms as the current lease. However, sticking out for a better deal on your commercial lease renewal will give you a more competitive edge.

Giving you the edge in commercial lease negotiations

Negotiating new commercial terms to reflect changes in the market and the law can cause some friction between you and your landlord. This often happens if your previous lease had been running for a long time. Three common areas of dispute in commercial lease negotiations are:

  • Rent, repair and decoration liabilities
  • The ability to sub let and assign
  • The length of term

It’s crucial to get these right so your new lease gives you the flexibility to grow and adapt your business. Commercial lease renewal is a big step to take for any business but we’re here to help you get the best possible terms.

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The defective leases at our property caused major problems after the banking crisis of 2008. Thanks to Royds Withy King and their efficient, friendly service our flats are now acceptable to mortgage lenders.
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