Protecting your rights in property disputes

‘Relationships between landlords and tenants or between landowners usually run smoothly. We’re here for when things go wrong’

You might be a landowner who can’t come to an agreement with a neighbour about your property. Maybe you’re a landlord with a difficult tenant, or vice versa. Whichever, you will want to make sure that the dispute does not drag on. At Royds Withy King we have the experience to bring property problems to a timely, satisfactory and cost effective conclusion.

Expert property dispute solicitors on your side

As a landlord, you’ll want a resolution to your dispute fast, so that it doesn’t affect your income. As a tenant you’ll want to know that your rights are being looked after. And as a landowner, you’ll want to be able to enjoy your land and rights without interference. Our property dispute solicitors can help you with all this through a range of services.

  • Commercial landlord and tenant
    A property dispute, threatened or real, is more than just disruptive. It’s a serious threat to your bottom line. Fortunately, it’s one that we can help you sort out fast. Find out more.
  • Problems with your property
    Whether it’s your home or your business premises your property is likely to be a significant asset. We can help you preserve and protect it. Find out more.
  • Residential landlords
    Understanding your options and taking early action can mean the difference between success and failure. Find out more.
  • Residential long leasehold
    From having difficulties with your service charges, to negotiating a new lease or an extension of an existing lease, we can provide the expertise you need for a swift and effective resolution. Find out more.

Our focus is always to achieve a cost-effective solution to property disputes to protect you and/or your business and minimise any future risk.

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Hannah Ongaro was excellent. Responsive and understanding. Her correspondence, though often lengthy due to the complicated issues involved, was incisive and persuasive.
Royds Withy King Client

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