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‘Sorting out the legal side will help your commercial development begin paying its way quicker’

As a commercial developer you’ll want to make sure your projects are completed as quickly and simply as possible. All the time your development is being planned and implemented it can’t earn you anything. We’re here to help you sort out the legal technicalities and move things forward.

Experienced in all aspects of commercial and residential development

Whatever your development project there will come a point when legal issues need to be dealt with. Our experienced team can help you achieve the outcome you are looking for in areas such as:

  • Joint ventures and promotion agreements
    Securing a successful joint venture or promotion agreement is ultimately about getting all parties to achieve the commercial outcome they are looking for. Our real value to you isn’t just in sorting out the contractual documentation, but also in helping everyone to understand the commercial priorities and their contribution to its success.
  • Roads and services
    When it comes to dealing with roads and sewers for a development the process of securing section 38, section 278 or section 104 agreements can be frustrating. However, for a developer the financial consequences can also be significant. We can help you regain control over this part of the development process, minimising your emotional and financial outlay.
  • Planning and section 106 agreements
    The hold ups and costs involved in obtaining planning permission and section 106 agreements can make any developer’s task a frustrating one. Planning agreements may be unavoidable, but we can help you stay one step ahead of the process with the correct guidance and advice.
  • Buying and selling sites
    Even the most experienced of commercial and residential developers worries about the unexpected when buying a site. We take the time to understand exactly how you want your proposed development to work and the anticipated risks. We can then make sure that our searches and investigations give us the information we need to advise you appropriately.
  • Land options and conditional contracts
    To commercial and residential developers, time is money. Very often it can be the details that hold you up and create unforeseen costs. With that in mind, we’ll make sure you understand all the critical dates and avoid the technical traps associated with options and conditional contracts so you can get a quick result on the best terms.

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We've been using Royds Withy King for the past six years for all our land acquisition and development sales, and would be only too pleased to advise business acquaintances to use their vast legal knowledge.
Erwin Davis, Managing Director - Winway Homes Developments

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