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By signing a document, a notary certifies that it’s authentic, valid and truthful. If your business needs a document notarised, at Royds Withy King Notaries we have a long track record of providing this service for clients, and make notarising documents quick and straightforward.

The Notary practising as Royds Withy King notaries is Malcolm Gregory. He is a solicitor and member in the separate practice of Royds Withy King LLP. The notarial practice and Royds Withy King LLP are independent of each other.

Before travelling to one of our office locations, we advise that you contact us to ensure the availability of a professional able to notarise your document. Please call 0800 923 2073 or email us at

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Documents we can notarise

You may need to prepare and authenticate a document for your business. If so we can help with the preparation of a range of corporate business documents including:

  • Notarising the execution of Corporate Powers of Attorney
  • Notarising certificates of incorporation or memorandum and articles of association for UK or foreign companies
  • Notarised certificates of good standing
  • Certification of identity of directors, secretaries and other company officers
  • Notarising the execution of commercial contracts for international use
  • Authenticating documents to assist in the opening of corporate branch offices or bank accounts in or outside of the UK
  • Notarising commercial mortgages for international finance
  • Notarising statements in support of copyright infringements
  • Providing certified copies of company resolutions, minutes, reports and other company documents
  • Notarising affidavits, sworn declarations, witness statements and statutory declarations.

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Very impressive service - exactly what we had hoped for from a law firm but had not experienced until now.
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