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‘The current economic climate presents you with more challenges than ever before. It’s good to know you can call on a legal expert for all area’s of your manufacturing business’

Your world is changing fast. Business structures, employment policies, health and safety regulations are constantly being updated. You want to focus on the business, rather than reading up on law. That’s where an expert commercial lawyer like Royds Withy King can help.

Help in challenging times

You are doubtless facing the same pressures as many other businesses: stringent funding demands, squeezed margins, limited team resources and the pressure to introduce even more efficiencies. As leading commercial lawyers, our team’s experience means we can support you with legal services in a wide range of areas:

  • Business structures
    From growth and expansion to mergers and acquisition, we’re here to help. We can also support you to streamline and restructure to introduce greater efficiency. Find out more.
  • Commercial contracts
    Getting your contracts right from the start can help to avoid costly and time-consuming problems later. We can help you put contracts in place and also offer international business guidance. Find out more.
  • Intellectual property and IT
    Your ideas and your products give you the cutting edge. If they’re misused or appropriated by a third party, it can be extremely costly to your business. We can put protection in place to help you safeguard what matters. Find out more.
  • Dispute resolution
    If you’re not careful, disputes in your business or personal life can take up a lot of time and money. We can help you move to resolution quickly and efficiently to minimise the impact on you and your business. Find out more.
  • Debt recovery
    A steady cash flow is vital to your business. Your credit and collection systems may be efficient, but you can’t control how your customers and contractors operate. When you’re owed money, we can help you tackle the issues and recover the debt. Find out more.
  • Employment advice
    Your people are your most valuable asset. We can help you protect your employees while looking after the interests of your business too. Find out more.
  • Business premises
    You want to spend your time running the business, not dealing with the ins and outs of a commercial lease. We can deal with the legal side of things to get you into the property that’s right for you. Find out more.

We can also help you set up your terms and conditions of business, address your risks and liabilities, and set up distribution and agency agreements.

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The Royds Withy King Technology & Media team helped me to negotiate a complex compromise agreement with a large multinational. They devised a strategic approach which not only resulted in a successful trade mark registration to protect our existing products, but also a plan that included future expansion. They always had their eye on the bigger picture.
Roger Biles, Co-founder & Managing Director, ARCO England Limited (www.truegrace.com)

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