Franchise your business, on your terms

‘From start-up through to sale of your franchise – we’re on your side’

Franchising is a great way to grow your business and increase its recognition. But, understandably, you will only want to expand your business on your terms. Our team of specialist franchise solicitors will listen to how you want your franchise business to operate and then work with you as it grows.

A watertight franchise agreement that franchisees will understand

When helping you set up your franchise, we begin by drafting your franchise agreement. Our aim is to make sure the agreement spells out to the franchisee how you want your franchise business to operate – making it watertight from the very beginning.

Our franchising expertise doesn’t end there. We have a team of experts who can help you at any stage of your venture – from start-up to expansion, through to sale of your franchise business if you decide that’s the way to go. From time to time, franchisees may not run the franchise according to the terms set out or they may dispute the agreement terms – our Dispute Resolution team can help you there too.

Our team of franchise solicitors can also help you with:

  • intellectual property and brand protection
  • negotiations and pre-contractual discussions
  • employment law advice
  • commercial property advice


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We are extremely satisfied with the way the business was handled. The solicitors had a very understanding personality.
Royds Withy King client

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