Franchising agreement reviews and ongoing support for franchisees

‘From getting you the right franchise agreement through to re-sale of your franchise – we’re on your side’

Buying a franchise business can be a significant investment. Not only in financial terms, but franchisees may be asked to commit to long-term obligations as part of the franchise agreement. So it’s important that you understand the terms set out in a franchise agreement before you sign on the dotted line.

A fixed fee detailed review of your franchise agreement

For a fixed fee, our franchise solicitors can carefully review your franchise agreement and, through a detailed report, clarify some of the key points of the agreement and highlight any areas that could need careful consideration. Areas such as conditions where you might be held liable if the business does not succeed. Then in the longer term, we can provide support to you as you launch and run your business with our franchise team that covers a broad range of legal expertise.

Our team of franchise solicitors can help with:

  • commercial property and leases
  • franchisor disputes
  • franchise resale
  • exiting franchising agreements
  • employment law


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We are extremely satisfied with the way the business was handled. The solicitors had a very understanding personality.
Royds Withy King client

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