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‘Owning a racehorse or a share in one is a dream for many people. If you do encounter problems, without specialist legal help, it can become a nightmare’

here are many challenges you face as a horse owner, aside from getting the most out your horse. You have to be able to deal with co-owners, racehorse syndicates, trainers, jockeys, vets and the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). It means from time to time it’s inevitable you‘ll need to call on professional advice.

Advice every step of the way from an expert equine lawyer

The first issue you will have to consider are the racehorse ownership agreements you need to set up. Whether you have joint ownership, racehorse syndicates, a racing partnership or a racing club, we can help you put agreements in place to reduce the chance of a costly dispute arising. We can help in a number of other ways too:

  • Disputes with trainers
    Your relationship with your trainer is crucial. To succeed, you both need to know exactly where you stand on issues such as what happens when the horse is not in training, or who pays for what. We can help put racehorse training agreements in place to make sure everything is crystal clear.
  • Veterinary negligence
    You rely on vets, but if one makes a mistake then the results could be catastrophic. If so, you may be able to claim for professional negligence. We can help you put a compelling case to The Veterinary Defence Society.
  • Buying and selling horses
    Just like any other business investment, the sale of a horse can sometimes go wrong. By getting the right advice from the start you can make sure you avoid any problems in the future. From getting sale contracts correct and racehorse syndicates, to advice and support when a horse sale doesn’t go to plan, Royds Withy King are here to help. We live and work in the equine community, so know how to move to a settlement quickly and efficiently for you.
  • Sponsorship
    A sponsor can bring in a useful source of extra income. But you need to be sure that the contract protects your business interests. Although the BHA offers a starter agreement for yard sponsorship, an expert equine lawyer can help you adapt it to provide the best long-term deal. Our team will protect your position and help you develop the sponsor relationship.
  • Protecting your wealth
    Your financial position can change with every racing season. So we can help you manage your assets to make sure your finances are sound. You can look to us to help safeguard your future, and we can also put plans in place to manage your wealth as your life changes in the future. From estate planning to wills and probate, we can provide a seamless service for you.
  • Your property
    Your life revolves around racing – so you may have little time for organising your home life. If you’re moving home, we can take the pressure off so you can concentrate on racing. We can also give you specialist advice on rural property purchases and sales.

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I frequently encounter Andrew during disciplinary proceedings brought by the BHA whereby he is instructed to act as defence solicitor. He has a superb understanding of not only the workings of the horseracing industry, but also a sound knowledge and appreciation of the Rules of Racing. He is without a doubt an expert in the field and I can fully appreciate why he is held in such high regard in the field of horseracing and bloodstock.
Danielle Sharkey, British Horseracing Authority

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