Legal advice for breeders

‘Running a successful horse breeding business requires a number of skills. From help buying a racehorse or a stallion to employment law, it’s good to know expert support is available’

As a breeder, your business doesn’t just depend on matching a stud and a mare. You have to have a detailed knowledge of a horse’s genealogy, and to be able to spot a good deal early on. You’re also responsible for horses’ health and wellbeing. We can help you minimise the risks on your business.

Helping you protect your wealth

Your fortunes can change with every season. That’s why it’s crucial to manage your assets to make sure your finances are sound. We can help you maximise your hard won wealth and protect it for future generations.

  • Safeguarding your future
    Our tailored service looks at your individual circumstances to provide a unique plan, taking into account for estate planning for tax to Wills and probate.
  • Employment issues
    When you’re employing staff, you can save a lot of time and hassle by analysing risks and taking preventative steps before any issues arise. We can help you draft effective employment documents and deal with any legal issues as they arise.
  • Your property
    If you ever have to move house or yard, you don’t want it to compromise your day-to-day business. As expert equine lawyers, we can take the pressure off, dealing with all the negotiations for you. Our residential property, farms and estates team specialises in rural and equine-related property sales and purchases to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Buying a racehorse or a stallion
    If you’re hoping to buy racehorse or a stallion, there may be other potential buyers too. Thanks to our thorough understanding of stud agreements, we can help you seal the deal quickly. We can also help you ‘lock out’ the owner from dealing with another stud, negotiate with an owner who wants a lease back, or retain shares once a stallion is sold. We’ll deal with the legal side of everything for you, quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our understanding of the racing world, we can advise on buying a racehorse to make your transaction a success.
  • Stud agreements
    If you are looking to draft a nomination agreement or a stud agreement, you may follow the standards set by the Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association (TBA). But these don’t always fit the bill. So we can help you set up an agreement tailored to your individual needs, making sure everything is covered. We can help you decide whether the TBA documents work for you, and, if anything goes wrong in future, we can act swiftly to protect your investment and minimise your risks.

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Many of our clients use Andrew Chalk of Royds Withy King to deal with their property work. Little of the work in the racing industry is straightforward and he handles it with calm precision backed up by an intimate knowledge of the requirements of his clients.
George Windsor Clive MRICS, Windsor Clive International Ltd, Chartered Surveyors

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