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From job ads to contracts of employment to directors’ service agreements. We have it covered

‘Our expert team will guide you safely through the process, from job advertisements and interviews to contracts of employment’

Finding and retaining the right people is essential for the success of your business. Unfortunately, the recruitment process is littered with pitfalls for the unwary recruiter. You can rely on our expert team to guide you safely though the process.

Preparing directors’ service agreements and more

Our recruitment experts can help you steer clear of the legal minefield – avoiding problems in everything from discrimination laws to employment status.

Areas like advertisements and selection can be particularly tricky. Even asking questions about a candidate’s health can be deemed discriminatory. And watch out too if you don’t take notes in an interview – it will be hard to defend any claims from unsuccessful candidates.

As with most legal matters, it pays to be prepared and tread a cautious path. We can help make sure that all your documents, such as contracts of employment and directors’ service agreements, are prepared accurately and quickly. Our specialists can also assist you with work permit issues and restrictive covenants.

Contact us to find out how our experienced recruitment team can help you with everything from discrimination laws and employment status, to contracts of employment and directors’ service agreements, by calling us on 0800 051 8054 or emailing

Dealt with and treated well throughout the process.

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