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‘We make sure your employment contracts protect your business’

If you are preparing employment contracts for your staff, it is important to get advice from an experienced employment law solicitor.

We have a team of employment solicitors who regularly prepare employment contracts for business. We take the time to understand your business so that employment contracts are tailored to suit you. The benefits of having well drafted, clear contracts include:

  • Ensuring compliance with your legal obligation to provide a written statement of terms and conditions of employment contracts for staff.
  • Protecting your business’s confidential information, customer-base and the stability of your workforce.
  • Avoiding disputes with your employees over matters such as pay, bonuses or commission.
  • Giving you the ability to vary a contract of employment.
  • Allowing you to lawfully recover money from your employee where appropriate.

Taking the time to prepare clear and relevant employment contracts pays dividends in the long run by avoiding disputes, giving you flexibility when running your business, and ultimately saving you time and money.

Contact us to find out how an experienced Withy King employment solicitor can make all the difference.

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