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‘We can help you weatherproof your business should a storm break by following a number of best practice procedures’

Prevention is always better than cure in the realms of employment law. This means analysing risks and taking preventative steps before an incident arises. Of course, although you can’t protect your business against every eventuality, our employment law solicitors can help you be as prepared as possible.

Experts in drafting employment contracts

Having watertight contracts and policies in place is vital when it comes to safeguarding your business – these are the foundations of the employment relationship. However, because employment law is constantly changing, they quickly become out of date. If you haven’t had these documents reviewed for a while, you may want to look again at drafting employment contracts to make sure you’re covered.

Other areas where our employment law solicitors can advise on protecting your business include:

  • Investing in training
    We regularly provide training on a variety of topics to keep in-house teams up to date, such as dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues, conducting investigations and a general overview of employment law themes.
  • Insurance
    We offer a specialist service that could minimise your costs and provide peace of mind in the event of an unexpected employment claim.
  • Protecting your clients
    Getting new clients is hard enough without the added worry they’re going to be poached by your closest competitors. You can cover yourself against this by including restrictive covenants in your contracts of employment.

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