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‘Our mediation services are flexible, confidential and excellent value for money’

If you are in a dispute or potentially facing one you are likely to want it resolved with the minimum of disruption, cost and impact to your business. Keeping your business running is a priority and the traditional court process demands time and resource. Our mediation services may be the ideal answer. On top of being cost-effective, mediation can also provide a solution to maintaining important business relationships.

Accredited mediation services

Our accredited mediators can resolve your dispute quickly and effectively in order to minimise the impact on your business or your personal life.

Our mediation services team includes Chris Kane and Philip Banks-Welsh who are both accredited mediators with the ADR Group, the second largest mediation service provider in the country. Both are also highly experienced litigation solicitors and have an expert insight into all dispute resolution processes.

We provide a graded fee mediation services package for parties to a dispute whether they are legally represented or not.

Please click here to view/download our Mediation services terms & conditions.

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