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‘We can help you focus on creating a successful business and not get side-tracked by disputes’

As a business owner you have enough challenges to face without disputes relating to partners, shareholders or business acquisition. It can be frustrating when what you really want to do is focus on making the business a success, not deal with side issues. Well, that’s what our commercial dispute resolution team are here for.

Litigation solicitors for every eventuality

Our team of litigation solicitors can help you in a number of areas relating to commercial dispute resolution. These include:

  • Shareholder disagreements
    A disagreement that becomes a full dispute costs time and money. The impact on your business can be significant. We can advise on how best to deal with the directors or other shareholders and what actions you can take. In our experience, negotiation can often resolve any issues without resorting to a full-blown court case. Our commercial dispute resolution team aims to identify your options and simplify the process so that you can achieve a positive result.
  • Partnership disputes
    Everyday disagreements between partners are natural and can benefit your business. The problems begin when these escalate and affect professional and personal relationships. No matter how sensitive the issues you may be facing, we can give you a clear assessment of your situation and handle negotiations for you. Whatever action you decide to take we can help you protect the true value of your share in the business and make sure you get what you’re entitled to.
  • Post-sale problems
    You’ve bought a new business, the deal is completed and you’re looking forward to a successful venture. But what if you then discover that the deal may not be as watertight or beneficial as you had been led to believe? Prompt action early on can mean that you get back to running your new business without distraction. The situation may also be reversed: you’ve sold your business knowing it’s performing well and now face a claim from the new owner. You’ll want to dispose of any damaging claims without delay. Whatever the issues relating to your business sale or acquisition we can provide a fast response and help to achieve a commercial outcome.

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