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If you have an agreement or contract with another business or individual there is always the potential for disagreement. It’s important to make sure everything is watertight from the start. Our team of business protection solicitors will do all they can to ensure this is so. If things still go awry they can sort it out with minimal disruption to your business.

Contract disputes come in all shapes and sizes

Our business protection solicitors have years of experience in contract disputes. We deal with:

  • Employee restrictions/Confidentiality obligations
    Restrictive covenants and obligations of confidentiality within employment contracts are there to protect your business when a key person leaves. If a former employee breaches their covenants or obligations of confidentiality you may be able to prevent on-going infringements and recover any damages. Even if you have no restrictions in place, all is not lost. You may still be able to protect your business. Making sure the covenants and confidentiality provisions in your employment contracts are right from the start is, of course, the best protection and our business protection solicitors can help you do just that. We also provide advice for employees wishing to leave their employment to set up in business on their own. In this case we aim to limit your exposure to any claims and make sure that you can get on with developing your new business without delay.
  • Commercial agents
    Whether you’re an agent or a principal you need to know where you stand regarding the regulations governing agency agreements. We’ll help you to understand what the impact of these will be during the contract and when it is terminated. We have a successful record of achieving valuable settlements for our agent clients, often without lengthy court proceedings. On the other hand, we also work with principals to reduce compensation claims and, where possible, help to bring the agreement to an end with minimal exposure under the regulations.
  • Other contract disputes
    Most contracts aren’t a problem but things don’t always run smoothly. If you’re faced with a contract dispute you want it sorted with the least disruption to your business as possible. We can provide you with innovative dispute resolution ideas tailored to your specific expectations and needs. We’ll invest the time to understand the result you want and achieve a quick settlement with minimal impact.


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