Business interruption insurance claims

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused widespread disruption and substantial loss to many businesses meaning there will be a need to engage business interruption insurance policies.

It is crucial that businesses are able to use insurance claims as a way of recovering lost revenue which will, in some cases, be key to their survival.

The Supreme Court ruled largely in favour of policyholders

The Financial Conduct Authority ran a test case in light of resistance from insurers which was decided in the Supreme Court largely in favour of policyholders, which we have been following closely. The judgment is not all encompassing and those who have been affected will need to review the wording of their policies to establish whether they can bring a successful claim.

Insurers have been encouraged to pay out but are not doing so in all cases. There could be several reasons for this. Where cover has been refused, we can explore your options. If there are issues with your insurance, a broker or other professional who provided advice on your policy may also be called into question. With the Financial Ombudsman Service also available, there are a number of options to consider for policyholders seeking redress.

We are here to help make sense of your claim

We understand that for many businesses funding a dispute with your insurer might be difficult, our specialist team can offer a free initial review to assess the merit of your claim.

For those businesses that have been or are unfortunately unable to make it through the pandemic, our experts can also advise insolvency practitioners about claims that might be available to realise sums for the benefit of creditors.

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