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Protecting you with a shareholders’ agreement

‘By investing the time to understand your business and its goals, we can balance your needs with those of your shareholders’

Share ownership can be an excellent way of rewarding your company’s key individuals or raising much needed finance. Whatever your reason for issuing shares, it’s important to protect your interests. We can help by advising you on a shareholders’ agreement that will give you peace of mind in all eventualities.

Expert in drafting articles of association

Once you let others become shareholders, the company articles of association need to be updated. This ensures you’re protected against those shares being sold and can safeguard their transfer back to you in the future.

Your company’s articles of association regulate how your company operates and describe the relationship between the shareholders. This makes them an essential tool for minimising risks and protecting your position.

We’ll invest the time to understand your business and your long-term goals, then use this information to help in drafting articles of association that balance the needs of the shareholders. You may also consider a shareholders’ agreement to enhance the articles of association.

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James Robson, Director, Powerful Allies Ltd

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