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On hand legal advice that won’t break the bank

Small and medium sized companies can rarely afford to employ their own in-house lawyer, yet the range of areas where they are likely to need legal advice – and fast – is huge. The only alternative in the past has been a worryingly, open ended spend on external legal advisers.

At Royds Withy King we have found a solution to the dilemma for some clients. We call it your “Outsourced Legal Department”. You pay a pre-agreed fixed amount each quarter to receive a fast and expert  service to address the day to day legal issues that all businesses face*. You can then rest assured that the best legal advice is on hand whenever it is needed and that the cost is fixed. Furthermore, many clients also mention the added benefit of having a highly experienced commercial lawyer with an in depth knowledge of their business and industry who can act as an invaluable sounding board for the owners and directors.

To enable you to find out more about the scheme we organise a free of charge, preliminary meeting where we:

  • learn about your business and how it operates on a day to day basis;
  • review your past legal services usage and explore where you are most likely to require legal advice in the future;
  • understand those issues where you feel that you need specialist legal advice – because of special circumstances in your organisation or the demands of your sector.

We then provide – at a fixed quarterly cost – a senior, experienced corporate and commercial lawyer as your relationship manager. He or she acts as a first point of contact for you (and your designated fellow directors) and channels your question or issue through to the most relevant Royds Withy King legal expert. All of our lawyers commit to providing a fast and efficient service to our clients and this is especially so where our outsource clients are concerned.

The arrangement is reviewed each year giving both parties the opportunity to indicate any changes that they would like to make for the following year.

Whilst each business has different needs, we find that many clients using this service require help in the following areas as part of their outsource arrangement:

  • Regulatory and consumer advice, for example data protection and distance selling
  • Employment law advice
  • Help with commercial agreements including those with an international aspect
  • Commercial property advice
  • Initial advice on managing disputes with suppliers and customers
  • Support when changing the structure of the company, accessing additional funds or acquiring new business assets.

*Non day to day legal  matters are excluded from the scope of the scheme. For example (a) transactional work (buying and selling businesses or companies or the acquisition or disposal of freehold or leasehold properties,  (b) joint ventures, shareholders agreements and reorganisations (c) litigation (including industrial tribunals), and (d) matters which because of their complexity are agreed with you to fall outside the scheme.

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