Procurement and contract management

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As a consultant, among the first things you’ll be considering on any new project will be procurement and contract management. You’ll need to ensure that risk is allocated appropriately and that contracts and professional appointments are balanced and fair. Our team of solicitors is skilled in all these areas – and more.

Understanding collateral warranties in construction

For nearly 20 years collateral warranties in construction projects have been a common feature of the UK. Despite the advent of third party rights’ provisions in all the major standard form contracts, they seem destined to stay.

Working with clients to minimise risk and protect them against potential loss is central to what we do. We understand your sector and your priorities, not just the legal issues.

Helping protect project managers

Like it or not, project managers are often in the thick of quality issues, delays and, inevitably, disputes. Although these contractual issues are not always easy to resolve, we can help with quick, pragmatic and commercially acceptable advice.

Our common sense solutions are based on a deep understanding of construction legalities in areas like procurement and contract management. They’re designed to keep all parties on side and your project on track.

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Hannah Ongaro was excellent. Responsive and understanding. Her correspondence, though often lengthy due to the complicated issues involved, was incisive and persuasive.

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