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‘Although secured lending should be just that, financial and construction risks are inherent in any project of this type.’

A good construction investment always starts with sensible procurement. That means robust due diligence is paramount. With that in mind, our team of construction solicitors will make sure that both you and the developer have ticked all the right boxes before you commit any of your hard earned money.

Our team understands construction finance

As a lender, it’s vital for you to get all professional appointments and building contract amendments, step-in rights, collateral warranties, bonds and performance guarantees sorted right from the start of the project planning and procurement process. Negotiating any area of construction finance after the event is rarely an option.

In a challenging market there’s never been a greater need for pragmatic and cost effective procurement solutions. Our construction solicitors work closely with banks and other lending institutions, as well as their clients and project teams, to put in place procurement solutions to suit the value, complexity and risks linked to the project.

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Hannah Ongaro was excellent. Responsive and understanding. Her correspondence, though often lengthy due to the complicated issues involved, was incisive and persuasive.

Royds Withy King Client

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