Managing risk under construction contracts

‘When it comes to reputation, we’ve built ours on making light of legal complexities and giving straightforward advice.’

Convention has it that risk is allocated to the party or parties best able to manage it. This places a heavy burden on construction contracts and on contractors and sub-contractors, at a time when clients’ expectations are inevitably high and overhead and profit margins are unfavourably low.

The expertise you need for construction dispute resolution

Our team of construction dispute resolution solicitors has a reputation for making light of legal complexities and giving valuable, straightforward advice. You can rely on our experience in areas such as:

  • Getting contracts right
    We’ll ensure you achieve a fair balance of risk and reward. With the right construction contracts., you’ll understand what you’re letting yourself in for and how best you can safeguard your interests.
  • Getting paid
    Involve us at an early stage and we can help you to understand your options and the associated risks. We’ll give you down to earth advice with options to suit your style and your pocket.
  • Terminating contracts
    We’ll assess your position, taking account of the upsides and downsides of any proposed action. Whatever issues you find yourself facing, we’ve the experience to help you.
  • Resolving disputes
    When disputes arise, access to specialist advice on construction contracts and a speedy response are vital. We can provide the early advice that avoids costly mistakes – saving time and money for all concerned.
  • Dealing with insolvency
    If your employer, subcontractor or suppliers go into administration or liquidation, the consequences can be catastrophic. We can guide you through the steps required to protect your position.

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Getting swift and expert legal advice that clarifies our position to enable amenable resolution is vital. We also need confidence that our lawyers are strong commercial negotiators and that they live in the real world. Royds Withy King is one of our legal firms that we trust to deliver this service for us.

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