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‘Our expertise can help you rise to market challenges – and make the most of new opportunities’

About one thing, most construction and engineering solicitors agree. Everyone working in these sectors over recent years has had to become more focused – yet remain flexible and innovative. At Royds Withy King, our expertise can help you rise to market challenges and make the most of new opportunities now coming on stream.

Putting your interests first for all construction and engineering projects

There’s no substitute for getting to know your business inside out. It means we can help you agree building contracts and appointment terms that fairly and properly allocate risk – and minimise the likelihood of disputes. However if things do go wrong, we’re there to ensure you get the result you need – through, structured negotiation, adjudication or more traditional forms of dispute resolution – in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Our construction and engineering solicitors work with the full range of sector professionals including:

  • Contractors and sub-contractors
    We’ll make sure your contract not only sets out rights and obligations, but is also a useful tool for managing risk and safeguarding your interests. As well as helping you get paid on time, we can also advise on terminating contracts, resolving disputes and dealing with insolvency. Find out more.
  • Developers and employers
    A robust strategy is vital for safeguarding you and your funders’ interests. From managing procurement and agreeing the right contract and collateral warranties, bonds and guarantees through to effective project management and project completion – our construction and engineering solicitors speak your language. Find out more.
  • Consultants
    Whether you’re advising your client on procurement, project management or delivery, we help make contracts balanced and fair. We can also work with you to manage the complexities of collateral warranties and third party rights. Find out more.

Whatever you need, we always keep a close eye on legal costs and can advise on funding options to make your budget go as far as possible.

Contact us now to find out what we could add to your next construction and engineering project.

Extremely pleased with the very efficient service provided. Refreshing to find a proactive and efficient firm of local solicitors giving expertise which we need.

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