Build back better – blueprint for change

Clearly the experience of the current crisis will fundamentally change people’s attitude to work, and will have lasting consequences for most sectors with dramatic shifts in customer behaviour.

The natural ‘crisis’ reaction can be to jump to actions and a plan to deliver these, but the most effective approach is often to stop, think about the new reality and orientate within this before you get to the ‘how’ part. Many opportunities will come out of these forced changes, so this also offers scope to move ahead stronger in your marketplace.

Looking beyond the current disruption, growth may actually be accelerated by our now increased appetite for virtual connectivity.

With that in mind, we have teamed up with consultancy Nine Feet Tall to create a blueprint to help you think of some of the issues we all will have to consider as we are all forced into innovation to navigate the ‘The New Norm’.

Your blueprint for change


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