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‘Professional advice on anything from setting up a charity to the day-to-day commercial realities.’

If you’re running a charity, you want to have a worthwhile impact on society without losing sight of the commercial realities. You also need to stay abreast of the ever-changing regulations affecting the charity sector. At Royds Withy King, we can help you keep up to date, and to make informed decisions that benefit your charity.

A wide range of skills to call on

Our charities team covers a range of skills including expertise in charity property, corporate and commercial, intellectual property, employment, legacy disputes and charity law and procedures. So we can help you take everything into account when you’re making business decisions. We can also appoint a ‘relationship partner’ to manage the diverse needs of your team, including Board members, Trustees and managers.

  • Setting up a charity
    If you’re thinking of setting up a charity, we can help you assess whether charity status is the best route forward for you, and explain the other options. If it makes sense to set up a charity, we can make sure you meet all the legal requirements.
  • Governance and compliance
    Your charity’s constitution needs to reflect your social aims, while also being flexible enough to allow the management team to respond to business pressures. We can help you achieve this fine balancing act. Changing a constitution can be a sensitive issue for charity members, so we will work closely with you to achieve an outcome everyone is happy with.
  • Commercial ventures and fundraising
    If fundraising is important for your charity, you must adhere to the Charity Commission regulations. We can check your charity’s Fundraising Agreements to highlight any issues. If you work with third parties, we can give you advice on how to manage the relationship and put everything in place to succeed.
  • Managing property
    Charity property can be a highly valuable asset. You want to make sure it is managed correctly. Yet if you don’t have property management experience, you could be exposing your charity to unnecessary risk. Our charities team can help you through the legal minefield associated with operational, trading or investment property. Visit our section on landlords for more information on our services.
  • Charitable legacies
    Gifts in wills may well be a key source of funding for your charity. However, the family and beneficiaries may take issue with a legacy gift, leading to disputes and delays. We can help resolve disputes quickly and sensitively, avoiding any damage to your charity’s reputation. We always aim to avoid Court action, but if litigation is the only option, we will do all we can to defend the maximum value of the legacy.

Our advice is refreshingly direct and pragmatic, and we offer a range of highly cost-effective solutions. These include fixed price retainers and insurance-based services so you can budget your legal costs with no surprises.

Contact us to find out more about how our charities team could help you meet your charitable or commercial objectives.

I was impressed with quality of service and the fact that Mark was ready to give me initial advice over phone even before I became officially his client.
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