Protecting your agricultural investment when buying or selling

‘We’ll look into your farm business tenancy to make buying or selling more straightforward’

Sometimes you can face problems when buying or selling land. Farms and estates may be sold with vacant possession, or they may be let. You might well find it’s a combination of the two. We can help you look out for the pitfalls to avoid any surprises later.

Assessing farm business tenancy agreements

Whether you are buying or selling you need to fully understand the tenancy agreement so you are aware of any risks. For instance, if you’re selling, any discrepancies could jeopardise your sale. And if you’re buying, you need to know exactly what’s involved before money changes hands.

  • Spotting any issues
    A poorly drafted farm business tenancy agreement or an informal arrangement can lead to costly disputes later. If you’re the seller, we’ll help you spot any issues quickly and solve them ideally before you find a buyer. On the other hand, if you’re the purchaser we’ll make sure you’re not inheriting someone else’s problems.
  • Agricultural Holdings Act Tenancy
    We can take you through the raft of complicated rules and procedures that often surround typical tenancies, such as an Agricultural Holdings Act Tenancy or a Farm Business Tenancy. We’ll make sure you find the right solution.
  • A swift conclusion
    As we have extensive experience in the agricultural sector, we can look at the full picture to help make sure any sale happens as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our credentials

Angus Williams of Royds Withy King is praised by a source for his “rural background and thorough understanding of agriculture.” He handles rural property work including farm and estates transactions and agricultural tenancies.” Chambers 2017 South West

“Royds Withy King advises lender clients on tenancy and financing matters. Angus Williams is noted for his knowledge of rural property.” Legal 500 2016 South West

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Your understanding of agricultural issues and potential stumbling blocks meant you had dealt with all the issues and before they arose. This was a 'first' for us and we felt the whole process was handled extremely well, we were kept informed as to the process and all the paper work was very straightforward.
Brian Thornton, Bretto Limited

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