Property advice for pharmacies

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Property advice for pharmacies

Whether you are buying or selling a pharmacy, relocating or negotiating a lease, our specialist property lawyers can help.

Extensive commercial property experience in the pharmacy sector

  • Sales and Acquisitions
    We will deliver balanced legal documents that protect your interests whilst maintaining a commercial approach that gets the deal done. With our knowledge and background we can offer you options when it comes to making commercial decisions, so that by working together we can ensure that the documents will reflect your priorities.
  • Lease negotiations
    By consulting your commercial property solicitor at an early stage we can highlight the risks and benefits to you from the outset of the transaction, which will help to avoid potential difficulties, minimisedelay and result in much better terms for your business.
  • Re-financing
    The lending market is currently difficult for both lenders and borrowers, with property transactions being subject to intense scrutiny. With that in mind, you need commercial property solicitors who understand your market and the lenders’ requirements, and who can deal with property transactions cost effectively and quickly. From the outset we will put in place the right team to meet your expectations and timescales, and at the same time deliver the right security protection for you.


  • arrange finance, if required
  •  agree heads of terms and give these to the legal advisors.
  •  property investigations (legal review, physical surveys and inspection)
  •  legal advisors prepare and negotiate the following documents for the transaction:
    •  finance documents (if required)
    •  for a freehold purchase – the sale contract and transfer document
    •  for the purchase of an existing lease – the sale contract, the transfer document and any necessary landlord’s consents and any lease security documents
    •  for the grant of a new lease – an agreement for lease (if required) the lease, any landlord’s consents and any lease security documents.
  •  legal advisors report to you on the transaction
  •  legal documentation is signed and contracts are exchanged either in advance of completion or at the same time as completion
  •  completion of the transaction either by:
    •  signing and dating the transfer of the property interest (where the freehold or an existing lease is being acquired) or
    •  signing and dating the lease (where a new lease is being granted) and making any necessary payments under the lease
    •  payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax and registration at the Land Registry.

If you are acquiring a leasehold interest, the landlord will need to be comfortable about your financial strength i.e. your ability to meet the tenant’s obligations in the lease.

You will usually have to provide:

  •  references (for example from your bank, accountants suppliers or customers)
  •  accounts (usually for three years).

If satisfactory references/accounts cannot be supplied, the landlord may seek additional security from you. This could be a guarantee or a rent deposit.

Distance selling or internet pharmacies cover a range of activities from online prescribing to a delivery service. They are subject to a raft of consumer and pharmaceutical regulation. If you are thinking of setting up or buying an internet pharmacy business, we can help.

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