Legal advice for GP practices

Running a GP practice efficiently and profitably means that you face varied challenges on an everyday basis. From dealing with premises to admitting new partners, you need an expert on your side who understands the healthcare sector and can provide you with sensible, pragmatic advice. This is why we have put together a multi-discipline legal team which will help you resolve issues around running your practice so you can look after your patients.

Understanding the complexities of running a GP practice

The advice we can offer to GP practices includes the following: 

  • Partnership agreements
    Whether you are a GP practice owner/ manager or a GP looking to join a GP practice, you will be aware of how important a GP partnership agreement is. A well drafted GP partnership agreement spells out the relationship between the partners, helps to resolve disputes and minimises risks. Our corporate team can prepare a GP partnership agreement that suits your practice’s individual needs, and help you to keep it up to date when new partners join.
  • Admission, retirement and expulsion of partners
    When partners join, leave or retire, it needs to be on terms that protect your practice from risk. As partners approach retirement they may also wish to reduce their clinical hours (and their profit share in the practice) whilst retaining their original ownership share in the premises (and their entitlement to receive the notional rent). Our corporate and property law experts can make sure that your partnership agreement allows for these changes – and vary it when new circumstances arise.
  • Practice restructuring
    In a modern environment, every business manager must occasionally question if the business structure matches its needs and protects it against risks.
  • Commercial contracts with external suppliers
    Just like any other business, your GP practice will deal regularly with external suppliers of anything from stationery to specialist medical devices. Making sure that your contracts are right from the start is key to establishing working relationships and avoiding costly and time-consuming contractual disputes. By choosing a Royds Withy King commercial contract solicitor you’ll benefit from years of experience. We’ve advised a wide range of business owners and company directors on contractual issues that affect the future of their organisation. Read more here.
  • Commercial property and construction advice for GP practice expansion
    As the demands on healthcare professionals grow, it is crucial to make sure that your premises meet the standards imposed by the Care Quality Commission as well as the growing demands of the patients. Our commercial property and construction & engineering teams can advise you on all aspects of property development, from the planning stage through to implementation. Find out more about how we can help here.

Work highlights

  • Acting for GP practices in Bath and the South West on retirement and sale of practice
  • Advising association of healthcare professionals on incorporation, LLP agreement and contractual arrangements with Circle Healthcare
  • Acting for a partnership on the acquisition of commercial premises in Bath and a lease-back to a GP Practice with a rent tied to the notional rent.
  • Acting for two GP Practices taking notional rent-linked leases within the same building in Hertfordshire which were granted once the third party developer had completed the conversion and refurbishment project.
  • Acting for three GP Practices taking leases at a major Health Centre in North London from an NHS Trust
  • Acting for two GP Practices taking underleases at a recently constructed “NHS LIFT” development in South London.
  • Acting for a GP Co-operative in East London in relation to a lease it was taking in a hospital to deliver an “out of hours” service which it had contracted with the relevant Clinical Commissioning Group to provide.
  • Acting for a partnership in relation to its lease of surplus premises to a commercial enterprise with an option for the tenant to purchase the premises
  • Acting for a GP Practice in relation to the variation of its partnership agreement to facilitate a reduction in clinical hours by certain partners by creating a division between the Property account and the Practice account with different shares and credits/ debits allocated to each account.

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