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Legal business support

Business in the creative industries, including those in the technology and telecommunications sectors, are often small start up businesses that grow very quickly and are either then absorbed by larger companies – making the owners wealthy overnight – or start to acquire businesses themselves.

Our corporate and commercial team is experienced in providing advice to business owners when they start, as they seek the finance to grow, when contemplating  mergers or acquisitions, as they enter international markets or when they are ready to sell their business.

Advertising and marketing law

Royds Withy King has a team of lawyers who are expert at all aspects of the law as it affects marketing and advertising operations, whether this is concerned with data protection, privacy, copyright, design rights, trade marks or more general contract issues.

Employment advice

The most valuable asset for many creative businesses is the people that it employs – and their contribution to the relationship with the other key asset – the clients. Our employment team can help develop effective contracts of employment and service contracts and shape appropriate remuneration and benefits schemes. They can also help you to protect your confidential information, critical client relationships and intellectual property. If things get sticky, they are commercial and pragmatic and do their best to find a quick, effective solution – but they are also expert at pursuing things through the Courts if this becomes necessary.


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