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A trust or settlement is a fund that holds assets controlled by trustees for the benefit of specific individuals. We advise clients on the establishing of new trusts, as well as working with trustees of existing trusts on their ongoing administration, their restructuring, and winding up.

Our clients use trusts for a number of different reasons depending on their circumstances. They are more than just a tax efficient way of protecting assets for the next generation. They can also provide much-needed protection for underage or vulnerable beneficiaries or to protect your business or your home.

Trusts have their own separate complex regulations and are subject to separate tax rules. It is important, therefore, to make sure that you have taken robust and appropriate advice when setting up new trusts.

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Tom Gilman, Partner

Tom advises families and individuals on all aspects of estate planning and the use of trusts offering clear, pragmatic and robust advice on this complex area.

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James McNeile, Partner

James specialises in trusts, onshore and offshore planning for UK and foreign domiciled individuals, protecting farms, art and heritage assets.

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  • Our experts take pride in offering pragmatic and robust advice using plain English to ensure that they explain the implications of this complex area clearly and in a way that our clients understand
  • in our specialist trust team, we have experts with both legal and an accountancy background so we can manage all aspects of the ongoing administration of a trust
  • we do not use artificial tax schemes that run the risk of HMRC attack. Instead, we use long-established estate planning principles when advising on setting up new trusts.

Trust law is a complex area and one with its own set of specific tax rules

Our experts can guide you through this potential minefield in a clear and pragmatic way, tailoring their advice to suit you and your family’s circumstances.

We advise on the setting up and running of many different types of trust and our experts will help you to find the most appropriate trust structure to achieve your family’s goals:

  • Discretionary trusts to protect better the assets for the family
  • trusts for vulnerable or disabled beneficiaries
  • trusts used as a vehicle to mitigate tax liabilities
  • pension trusts
  • charitable trusts
  • trusts for families with children from different relationships

We work closely with the trustees in the ongoing administration of trusts and to ensure that they have discharged their statutory duties. They can also assist in the winding up or restructuring of trusts.

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