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Your reputation and your privacy are two priceless assets which can take years to build but only moments to damage. In an age where information is so readily available but can also travel and distort so quickly, if you were to find yourself in a situation where your privacy or your reputation were jeopardised, you would want a swift and efficient resolution to limit the damage.

If you, your family, or your business require support and advice about an issue with your privacy or reputation management, we have the technical expertise and international contacts to deliver a fast solution with discretion.

Our reputation and privacy lawyers have the specialist knowledge and expertise to advise you on an extensive range of privacy law issues, from the management of your online profile to bringing or defending a claim for defamation.

If your issue does not fit neatly into a category but you need advice, we provide the team of specialists that you need.

Fran Tremeer

Fran can advise clients on privacy law, defamation and reputation management cases.

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Defamation & reputation management

Reputations matter, both as a valuable asset and for their impact on life and livelihood. Reputation management can feel daunting and individuals and organisations regularly underestimate its impact and potential. We have the specialist skills and experience to provide you with targeted and effective advice on how best to manage a threat to your reputation, to defend against unfounded allegations of defamatory conduct, or simply to boost your online reputation.

Whilst our lawyers are well versed in defamation and reputation management we also work with a close network of professionals, including digital reputation experts, who provide strategic advice to our clients on managing their online vulnerabilities. This includes technical advice on using algorithmic programs to control the order of results generated through a search engine and understanding how different ‘keywords’ can generate wanted and unwanted attention. Working in conjunction with these partners, we can manage your online presence and the impact on your reputation.

Who the team have helped recently

  • Acting for a client whose home CCTV had been hacked and ransom demands sent. We obtained the necessary technical advice to secure the home and maintain security in future as well as supporting the client through the reporting of the demands and monitoring of media for potential reputational issues.
  • Advising a client in receipt of ransom demands regarding the use of his children’s social media content. Providing expert training on safe use of social media and advising on the application of an urgent injunction to be served by email.

Data protection

Individuals and organisations are facing increasing pressure to comply with complex new data protection legislation. Failure to comply could be putting those in breach at risk of significant fines (leading to possible insolvency) and reputational damage.

The members of our privacy team are experts in this complex area of law and will take the time to understand your priorities in order to provide sensible and pragmatic advice at all stages – from ensuring your data is adequately protected through the use of effective internal and external policies and staff training, to assisting you in promptly and swiftly managing a breach, including making the necessary reports to the Information Commissioner’s Office and any affected data subjects within the prescribed deadlines.

Confidential information

As technology continues to develop, so does the risk of appropriation and misuse of your confidential information. When combined with employee departures, loss of a contract or terminating a collaborative project, threats to confidentiality and data loss can quickly disrupt your commercial strategy.

Our privacy team can work with you to ensure your confidential information is secured and remains safe. With expertise including dispute resolution, we are well placed to respond to these disruptions when they arise. However, with an involved and ongoing service, we can ensure disruptions have a minimal effect by resolving liability and non-disclosure issues before information is shared.

Interleges international lawyers

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