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The UK is a popular place to do business, work, live and raise a family. It continues to attract people from around the world.

If you want to come to the UK and are also looking to invest it is easy to see how matters can become complicated when you were born in one country, worked somewhere else where you met your partner and your grandparents may have left you assets through a trust in your country of birth.

There are lots of things to consider:

  • How will you be taxed in the UK on your income and assets?
  • will the rules take into account how you are taxed in other countries?
  • how can you ensure that your move is tax efficient?
  • how to efficiently structure the purchase of your home, business and other assets in the UK?
  • how do you protect your wealth (in the UK and elsewhere) for your family in your lifetime and when you die in the UK?

Hilesh Chavda, Associate

Hilesh advises international individuals, families, business owners and trustees on personal taxation and succession planning matters.

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James McNeile, Partner

James specialises in trusts, onshore and offshore planning for UK and foreign domiciled individuals, protecting farms, art and heritage assets.

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Laura Kearns, Solicitor

Laura advises on a broad range of private client and tax matters for domestic and international clients including wills, trusts, and tax advice.

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International lawyers with global connections

  • Expert team to advise international clients on tax and estate planning issues.
  • member of Interleges an international network of firms to help clients.
  • experts in advising on the taxation of international high net worth individuals, buying or selling high-value residential property and international family law to provide a joined-up service.

International tax is getting more complicated

 There is increasing complexity in the tax rules with increased compliance and stringent transparency requirements for international individuals. We help clients navigate these to ensure they can grow, protect and share their wealth.

We advise clients on UK tax residence and domicile issues so that clients can understand their UK tax position and reporting obligations. We also advise clients on deemed domicile issues and help them plan for this once they have been living in the UK for a number of years.

Are you looking to come to the UK?

We provide tax advice to clients looking to come to the UK to ensure this is done as efficiently as possible from a tax perspective including the advising on remittance basis of taxation, clean capital accounts and split year treatment.

We provide advice to UK resident beneficiaries and trustees of offshore trusts to help them navigate the complex tax regime.

Tax advice for estate planning

We also advise families with their estate planning. This can include drafting Wills taking into consideration foreign assets, forced heirship regimes and Wills made in other jurisdictions. We will also ensure that planning in relation to UK assets tie in and work with estate planning in other jurisdictions to ensure clients’ assets are protected and their wealth can be shared with their family in the most efficient manner.

If clients are looking to invest in the UK, we can help them do this in a tax efficient manner. UK residential property is popular and there are complex rules governing how it is taxed, We can help with ensuring property, whether to live or rent out, is held in the most appropriate structure.

Interleges international lawyers

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