International family lawyers

Our family lawyers have extensive experience of advising international clients on all their family law needs. Our team works closely with an international network of lawyers to ensure that our clients receive coordinated, globally focused advice, enabling us to achieve the best result for you.

Offices in the heart of London and in major university cities

As a leading global financial centre, London is a primary destination for international families relocating to work in banking and financial services, or for those wishing to educate their children in our world-renowned secondary and tertiary education systems. As part of our wider Private Wealth team, our family lawyers are well-placed to meet all their needs.

Part of an international network

  • Our team works closely with leading global lawyers from the International Academy of Family Lawyers to ensure that our clients receive coordinated advice enabling us to achieve the best result.
  • In recent years our work has involved over 18 jurisdictions including Brazil, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Russia, US States (including NY, IL, CA and FL) and the UAE.
  • We are also founder members and the current chair of Interleges, an international network of firms enabling us to access specialist local advice in any jurisdiction.

We advise the full range of international issues including:

Forum for divorce

It is often possible to start proceedings not only in England, but also in another jurisdiction. The choice of forum can lead to wildly different financial outcomes so it is crucial that clients obtain the right advice from day one. London’s reputation as the ‘divorce capital of the world’ was earned due to the generosity of the courts here meaning that parties must move fast either to secure jurisdiction here or elsewhere depending on their circumstances.

International prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Our clients often have assets in multiple jurisdictions and move regularly for work. We work with lawyers in their countries of origin to ensure that an English agreement will give them as much protection as possible if either they or their spouse moves home. We also help clients protect their assets prior to moving to England by preparing postnuptial agreements to insulate them from the more generous powers of the English court.

Financial Claims following overseas divorce

Under certain circumstances, clients can make financial claims in England following a divorce overseas. We have experience of advising clients on these cases at the highest level.

Detection and Enforcement

We regularly advise clients on enforcement of foreign Orders in this jurisdiction and assist clients with the international enforcement of English orders. This work often involves our working with tracing agents to detect hidden assets held in complex corporate and trust structures around the world.

International children

When relationships break down, one party may wish to return home bringing the children with them. This can be a fraught and emotive time if parents cannot agree and we are experienced in acting for those wishing to leave and those wishing them to stay.

We also represent parents whose children have been taken outside the jurisdiction or retained without their permission.

We regularly deal with child maintenance disputes when the paying party’s income exceeds the level dealt with by the Child Maintenance Service or when one or other parent lives outside the jurisdiction.

Disputes over child arrangements can be complex when one parent lives outside the jurisdiction. We help parents navigate through these situations, making sure our team is always available to respond swiftly, whatever time zone our clients are in.

Interleges international lawyers

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