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Richard Lake


T: 020 7842 1481 (DDI)
T: 020 7583 2222

If you are having difficulty getting in touch with your contact then you can email or call 0800 923 2073

Richard is an associate in our real estate team, specialising in Landlord and Tenant transactions.

About Richard

Richard is a solicitor in our Real Estate team, specialising in acquisition and disposal work in the retail and leisure sectors. Acting for mostly restaurateurs, Richard can provide advice on all aspects of leasehold acquisition, management and disposal.

Richard also acts for a loyal following of hoteliers and various household name retailers, bar and club operators with clients praising his “direct and erudite” and “intuitive, pro-active and hands on” approach to transactional work.

Additional and previous experience includes acquisition and disposal work in the office and industrial sectors and Richard continues to act for a number of large estates and mid-sized institutional landlords.


Leisure Property Forum


Outside of work, Richard is an aspiring cook and all round food obsessive as well as being a keen sportsman.

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