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Pardeep Biring

Senior Associate & WKTL Director

T: 01865 268379 (DDI)
T: 07901 060860

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Pardeep has worked in the legal field for over 10 years. She began her career in mental health and capacity law, she is an Accredited Mental Health Panel Member and LAA Accredited Mental Health Supervisor, and has provided legal representation at mental health tribunals for the last 10 years.

About Pardeep

Pardeep graduated with an undergraduate honours degree in Law (LLB) she then went onto complete a Master’s Degree in English Literature; this was followed by her completing the Bar Vocational Course at the University of Law.

She began her legal career in the Court of Protection by dealing in health and welfare matters; she later expanded her work to include that of professional deputyship matters, dealing with the property and financial affairs of the protected party. She is also experienced in formulating and implementing Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Pardeep has also conducted Judicial Review work in challenging infringements of detained patient’s human rights, particularly in forensic or high secure mental health institutions. She has also challenged decisions of local authorities by way of Judicial Review, where she has been involved in claims against public authority violations and breaches of duty.

She joined Royds Withy King Solicitors as a Senior Associate in January 2020, and is also a Director of Withy King Trustees Ltd.


Pardeep is an experienced senior associate who specialises in Court of Protection matters and Compensation Trusts for a variety of clients who suffer from acquired brain and spinal injuries, learning difficulties or mental health issues.

She assists with the supervision and management of the Compensation Protection Unit at the Oxford office, and manages all day to day dealings regarding the financial affairs of client’s who have been awarded compensation, where the firm acts as a professional Trustee or as a professional court appointed Deputy.

Pardeep works in a holistic manner with a person centred approach, in order to build a strong working relationship with all of the multi-disciplinary team professionals involved with the client. She also works closely with family members and the client, in order to empower them in the decision making process, and to ensure that she approaches each case in an individualistic and personal manner.

She assists in the management of all client’s property and financial affairs in the Compensation Protection Unit of the Oxford office, this includes but is not exclusive to:

  • Conducting specialist Court of Protection work covering a wide range of complex legal matters under the professional Deputyship.
  • Providing specialist advise to professionals, client’s and family members in relation to Deputyship matters within the remit of the Court of Protection, including drafting initial applications, statements, instructions, orders and interim applications to court in relation to client’s financial affairs.
  • Preparation and drafting of specialist instructions to other professionals on all matters regarding the client’s property and financial affairs, which may include construction, employment, dispute resolution, probate, care services and medical matters.
  • Management and oversight of client’s daily financial transactions and activities.
  • Working in a collaborative manner with family members, professionals, third parties and the client.
  • Assisting with the recruitment and employment of care teams, which has also involved working closely with other legal professionals to formulate employment contracts.
  • Liaising with the Office of the Public Guardian, preparing reports and schedules of income and expenditure.
  • Working closely with Independent Financial Advisors to manage client investments and compensation awards in a prudent manner.
  • Attending Financial Review Meetings, meetings with family members and client’s, and MDT meetings with professionals.
  • Acting as a first point of contact in identification, management and resolution of risk, conflict of interest and safeguarding issues within the team.
  • Leading the Oxford Compensation Protection team as Supervisor in weekly team meetings.


  • CoPPA
  • MHLA
  • Cilex
  • Lincoln’s Inn

I am dedicated to providing excellent client care through my individualised, empathetic and case specific approach. I am a positive, hardworking and exuberant individual, and I always thrive at new challenges. I have worked in the area of mental health and mental capacity law for over 10 years, and I am committed to empowering individuals.

Pardeep Biring

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